01. Who We Are

We are action takers and business builders who help businesses grow through Facebook and Instagram ads. Our team consists of a few dozen great entrepreneurial-minded people from around the globe. To be blunt: We want to make as much as possible while helping others make as much money as possible. If you don't win, we don't win.

Oh, and Senator? We Run Ads.

02. Who We Work With

From brands such as SONY, FORD and JEEP to e-commerce retailers such as IVORY ELLA, SIVANA, FANPRINT, & PIPER LOU and celebrities like SARAH PALIN, KORN to the cast of SUPERNATURAL & ONCE UPON A TIME, we have covered online advertising for just about every niche and influencer that you could imagine!

WHEW! That was a mouthful, wasn't it?

o3. What We Do

Our Process


Over-communication is VERY important to us. We use planners, email and SLACK for daily communication.


Yeah, we hate long-term contracts too! We use an enjoyable percentage of adspend-based agreement.

Ads Setup

Our process is made simple and allows our clients to sit back and watch their revenue grow.

Product Testing

Figuring out which product works with certain funnels and audiences ultimately helps your brand grow.

Ads Scaling

Scaling ads isn't easy. But we make it look that way! Our expertise allows us to scale while maintaining high ROI.

Data Analytics

We have software tools like this industry has never seen! Our data is so granular, yet super simple to understand.


We have helped numerous companies quadruple, or even 20X their business. Contact us to reserve your spot!

04. Why are YOU here?

Maybe you came here just because you liked the name... Maybe you came here because you ACTUALLY want to grow your business... Whatever the case, feel free to read our ramblings of why you should work with us below.

Ok, ok… So you went ahead and clicked this when we told you NOT to! We love to help our clients tell great stories and grow their brands. Just like when Obi-Wan Kenobi was telling Luke Skywalker about his father! (Seriously, we wished he told the truth!)

MediaMaven is a top-notch, boutique social advertising firm that focuses exclusively on Facebook and Instagram ads. We have been up against some of the largest agencies in the world, and yet have still beaten their teams from a return on investment standpoint. WE LOVE TO WIN… Kinda like when Luke destroyed the first deathstar… (I know, I know, they built another one!)

Our ads strategy is a little bit like Iron-Man… He keeps on innovating and kicking some serious tail in like, the whole universe! But realistically, Media Maven’s Facebook ads agency strategies have been put to the test time and time again.

New algorithm update? Wait, isn’t that like having to fight a second death star? NOT FOR US… it’s like we were able to use the force to destroy that second death star without even having to lift a finger to summon the “force”…. Whew. Thank you Anakin!

If you are still reading this, we are glad you did. We have fun with our clients, we help them grow, and ultimately everyone’s business grows. (although it doesn’t grow from selfish ambition like Emperor Palpatine).

Simply put, we do things ethically. We do things that won’t jeopardize a company’s future prospects on Facebook ads and Instagram Ads. If you want it done properly, if you want it done in a way that allows you to grow your business while scaling, then Media Maven’s Facebook Ads Agency is the place for you to be.

#maytheforcebewithyou #mediamaven #facebook

Over 60 Year Combined Experience



Our story is simple: SUCCEED. Failure is not an option.

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.”

– Dory, from Finding Nemo

Our team has helped build numerous million, ten million and even $100 million dollar companies. What started out as a hobby has turned into a passionate exchange of ideas, intellect and business growth for our clients.

We are eager to help your business find the success that we've helped other's achieve. Contact us soon, but be warned... We are very selective in who we work with, so let's see if you've got something worth scaling!

-Team MediaMaven

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